“The bird aviary gave me and the other guests attending my friend’s funeral something soothing to focus on.”

Z. Tippen


“Aviary brings smiles” When my son found out he was starting at a new school, he was very unhappy. As soon as he walked in and saw the birds, he smiled and said he liked his new school! “This is a cool school” he said!

C. Warren, Parent Wilson Elementary School
(customer since 2002)

“We are a busy Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic with patients ranging in age from babies to elderly. We were looking for something more to offer our patients while waiting to see the doctor in addition to our magazines and story books. None of us could have guessed what a wonderful investment this would be. It is not unusual to look at the waiting room and see several children sitting on the floor in front of the aviary watching the birds-and the nice thing is, they aren’t spreading germs! We have never felt like we have compromised air quality or environment with this unit. We would recommend the aviary to anyone.”

Carol, Grand Island Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic
(customer since 2005)

“In our Special Care Unit we have worked long and hard in trying to make it look warm, cozy and full of life. It wasn’t until we decided to put in aviaries that we finally realized that that’s what we were missing. Marketing our Special Care Unit became easier and fun to do with our aviary. The Aviary also helps the transition for our new residents easier; it’s a wonderful social conversational piece for our residents, their families and our employees.”

Nollie Agravante, Belmont Village Crown Cove
(customer since February 1999)

“Our residents love watching the birds, especially their babies. Our family members are entertained by the birds, they like the life the aviary brings.”

Jim Samuels (Administrator), Country Villa West Covina
(customer since March 1999)

“The latest trend is for senior communities to have cats & dogs Eden Alternative. All of these are a lot of work. The care falls on the Activity Department who already has many other responsibilities. Bevy of Birdhomes looks like a beautiful piece of furniture. It is a low maintenance self contained (infection control) source of conversation. The colors and constant motion of the birds are calming.”

Sharon Henning, (Administrator), Country Oaks Care Center
(customer since November 1999)

“Our aviary has provided hours of enjoyment to the residents. It encourages dialogue between them as well. They check on the birds daily and frequently comment on the various personalities of the birds. They particularly enjoy bathing time, watching as the birds splash in their birdbath. There are no words to express the pleasure this aviary has brought. The aviary has become a focal point of our facility. Visitors are pleasantly surprised to see the aviary, and frequently comment on its beauty and construction. It is truly a treasure.”

Amy Kenneally, Veterans home of California-Barstow
(customer since April 2001)

“Our residents absolutely love the little birds. It really enhances their cognitive minds, gives them peace and actually relaxes them.”

Aileen Brazeau (owner), San Clemente Villas by the Sea
(customer since August of 2006)

“I have two Bevy of Birdhomes in my 99 bed Skilled Nursing Facility; the smaller one is right outside my office, since I often have my door open I hear the comments of residents and the family members when they see the birds. I let them know we have a bigger aviary right down the hall. I know the difference the aviary makes; if I was to get rid of our aviaries I would have a lot of unhappy people because everyone loves them.”

Calvin Callaway (Administrator), Folsom Convalescent
(customer since December of 1999)

“We very much appreciate the birds and aviary for out lobby – they brighten up the room and attract no end of attention. Residents, family, staff and visitors make it a point to check each day to see if the eggs have hatched – so much conversation is generated from having them in this location!”

Debbie Massey (Activity Director), Country Villa Glendale
(customer since January of 2011)

“Our aviary brings a lot of life! The residents love to sit and watch the birds. They love to hear about the babies, I often hear them talking about what is going on in the aviary with each other and their families. To me, the best part is hearing the canaries sing as I come down the hall.”

Lori (Assistant Activity Director) Villa Capri
(customer since May of 2011)

“Everybody that comes in our lobby loves the aviary. It is such a nice addition and so unique most of our visitors have never seen anything like it!”

Knott Manor
(customer since November of 1998)

“A WOW Story “We have a male resident that was diagnosed with memory loss fairly young. He has not really spoken or has had very little communication with others. When he went close to the birds in the aviary the birds started singing and chirping, this resident started whistling along with the birds. His wife says the “Birds brighten his day”. The aviary is an amazing way of reaching out to our residents and bringing a smile to their faces.”

Valley View Gardens
(customer since October of 2012)

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