bev_dormerBev Dormer is the founder of Bevy of Birdhomes, and is a speaker under the brand Bevy of Balance. Her first business focused on bird homes and was established in 1997. Even with the recession-weary economy of 2009 and decreases in the entire industry, Bev was able to ring up sales on par with the previous year. This was due in part to her excellent customer service, quality products, and perseverance.  Bev’s love and knowledge of birds along with her attentive, personable interactions with others, helped customers to remain loyal despite some heavy competition.  Bevy of Birdhomes has continued to flourish and is a thriving business today.

Wanting to find balance in her life, and escape from her herd of seven children, one husband, 32 birds, 1 dog and a fly, helped brand Bev into a motivational speaker.  It was only natural that Bev’s friendly demeanor, fine-tuned speaking skills and ability to successfully juggle a busy life would assist her in being highly sought after.  Ask Bev about how she became the Queen of the “unQUIT” in order to move her career forward.

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